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Project Description
This component uses the Yahoo India Finance Web page to get the stock quote from both the BSE and NSE.

Updates and more information at my blog at The newer version also has the capability to pick up the quote from the NSE site.

There are currently no finance web site that provides feeds of Indian Stock Exchanges. I started writing this component quite some time back when I needed stock quotes for an app. This component, screen scrapes Yahoo India Finance website for the quotes. Currently, it just gets the quote given a correct symbol(either NSE's or BSE's).

First Release is now available and I have started putting in some Help and Tips in the Discussions.

Version 1.2.0 released - This version included the quotes from NSE India site as well as some reorg of the code etc.

Update: Have Updated the code base to .NET 3.5. This version also fixes some of the problems due to the change in Yahoo site. Source has been checked in, A new release 1.2.1 has been created. This release now also has the sample application in the release

If you are using this component in your application/product, just let me know. I want to create a seperate page which lists users of this component

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